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Rosamund Young
Client: www.rosamundyoung.com

What: New York licensed architect for over 20 years. Member of the American Institute of Architects.

Features: Grid layout with responsive portfolio modals.

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Client: www.metatek.com

What: Mac support for agencies, graphic designers, pre-press and publishers, or just about anyone who uses a Mac.

Features: Services and real world experience.

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Lifecycle Aquaceuticals
Client: Lifecycle Aquaceuticals

What: Bottled water distributor in Southern California.

Features: Nifty design, easy navigation, and all you ever wanted to know about water and its benefits.

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World's Smallest Ad Agency
Client: www.wsaa.com

What: Cutting edge design firm in Westport, Connecticut.

Features: Flash, audio and video clips, lots of cool ad campaigns.

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Connecticut Ballet
Client: www.connecticutballet.com

What: Ballet and dance school for all ages.

Features: Flash and video clips and info on recitals.

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Client: www.marqwik.com

What: Creative and innovative marketing agency in Wilton, Connecticut.

Features: Bold and vibrant design, handy client login.

Main Street Resources
Client: www.mainstreetresources.com

What: Private equity firm comprised of entrepreneurs, executives and investors who provide investment capital and resources to companies.

Features: Wordpress cms solution, non-profit affiliates and news articles.

Scott Design
Client: www.scott-design.net

What: Talented architect who has completed some amazing projects.

Features: Lots of cool technical drawings and 3D renderings.

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Westport Music Center
Client: Westport Music Center

What: Friendly place for music lessons or purchasing instruments.

Features: Simple, clean look with straightforward navigation.

Nat Nast
Client: Nat Nast

What: Hip designer of quality sport shirts in South Norwalk, Connecticut.

Features: Clean and classic design, and some really snazzy shirts.

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